Right-of-Way Easement Construction

As of Oct 2013, Lennar is still responsible for the roads and right-of-way easements throughout the neighborhood.  There appears to be one last hurdle to overcome before VDOT will accept the roads, thereby allowing the county to release Lennar’s performance bonds.  This hurdle is the intersection of St. Francis Court and Beaconsfield Way, and has to do with motor safety for vehicles negotiating this intersection.

As of Nov 2012, we still do not believe the county has released all of Lennar’s performance bonds.  It is the Board’s understanding that the delay is due to VDOT having unspecified concerns with Lennar’s work.  Until VDOT officially accepts the neighborhood streets, Lennar will continue to be responsible for snow plowing this coming winter.

On June 27, 2012, representatives from the HOA Board, CMC, and Lennar conducted a walk through of the neighborhood to inspect the work referenced below.  Overall, the work done to date appeared satisfactory with only a couple outstanding areas still needing to be addressed.  Lennar and CMC representatives commented that several homeowners had conveyed their thanks and appreciation for the work done in front of their homes.  Lennar is now working to schedule the final VDOT and county inspections which should take place within the next month or two.

Attached letter explains the ongoing neighborhood wide construction along the streets.  More specifically, Lennar is working towards getting their development performance bonds released pending VDOT and county easement inspections.

TDS Grading Work, Spring 2012